What is the purpose of this blog?

Thank you for taking the time to look at my blog and I hope you like it. The purpose of this blog is to really talk about various hot or deep topics from all various perspectives. There will be numerous times where I interview various people or other people will co-write with me discussing various topics. The goal isn’t just see my perspective but others as well.

You can see that my cover photo is showing two people sharing ideas…all different kinds of ideas. The source for that picture is www.jonhernandezdenver.com

You’re probably wondering how I’m going to interview people. My sources are from Reddit, which is an online social media place for people of different backgrounds and views to come together and talk about many things. I have found many people there willing to co-write and for me to interview as well. It will definitely be interesting! Their information like full name will not be named or any of their extremely private information as to keep their completely identify safe such as myself. However, their interview and answers will be their own!

We will talk about religion, politics, science, philosophy, how the world is, fun things, etc.

I’m a Christian so I will have other Christians, atheists, other religions, non-religious on this blog as well. I will have scientists (I’m already in contact with a genetic scientist). We already had a cognitive scientist answer. Go here: Go here! I will have a philosopher as well. People from different backgrounds and thoughts. I’m pumped for this!

Note: I might post a lot and then not as much depending on the content and when people are ready and all!

I hope you like this blog and I encourage you to like, share, comment, and follow!



4 thoughts on “What is the purpose of this blog?

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  2. Hi Steve, welcome to WP and happy blogging!
    Your blog is the first I came to read about interviewing people, I guess you have found your niche in this blogosphere.

    If I may suggest, how about putting your posts into categories such that it’s easier for readers to look for related posts when they’re searching according to category.


    • Thanks! I am not to the blogging world since I had another blog before that got a lot of followers but I decided to change it up. Yes, I was actually planning on doing that. I’m sorting adding and fixing certain things gradually.

      I looked at your blog and love the design and pictures! Looks like a really interesting blog and hope it goes well for you!

      Liked by 1 person

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